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Dais Corporation (OTC: DLYT), Selling Proven Climate Change Reducing Products Enabled by Its Aqualyte Platform of Nanomaterial, Provides an Update on the Latest Developments With Existing and Emerging Products

ODESSA, FL - (NewMediaWire) - July 11, 2023 - Dais Corporation (“Dais” or the “Company”) (OTC: DLYT), selling proven climate change reducing products enabled by its Aqualyte Platform of Nanomaterial, provides an update on the latest developments with existing and emerging products.

Dais Corporation is growing revenues selling innovative product solutions incorporating its proven advanced nanomaterial, Aqualyte™.  These solutions:

-        Cater to a global market’s growing demand for improved and innovative products solutions focused on protecting the key elements of life – clean air and water, and the production and use of energy.  

-        Fill the needs of changing markets:

o    Specifically changed buying patterns resulting from the pandemic, and the increased importance of addressing climate change by consumers, businesses, and governments.

-        Directly target a growing global market having an estimated value of approximately $642B. [1]


Continuing Signs of Growth

The Company projects for the full year of 2023, revenues will be up greater than 400% than at the end of 2022. Revenue for the first quarter of 2023 is up over 300% against last year’s 1st quarter period.   Activity in the Company’s Sales Funnel year to year in the same period (up 277%) and (awarded) Purchase Orders (up 234%) reflects continued strength.  


Driving Large Growth

The Company believes three underlying points support more and faster growth of revenues in coming quarters, including:


-        Benefits:  The depth of benefits delivered by Aqualyte product solutions eclipses those of the competition. They come from managing the features of Aqualyte which in turn replace energy consuming, emissions creating product components in today’s ‘state-of-the-art' products.


-        Timeliness of the Solutions:  Dais product solutions are designed to address worldwide issues: removing PFAS ‘forever’ chemicals from water, lowering emissions to begin reversing effects of climate change, creating ‘green hydrogen’ for a long term ‘water’ based energy source, proven ability to lower effects of virus-related matter in COVID-19, to name a few.


-        Performance:  The proven technical performance, lifetime, etc. of the Aqualyte™ advanced nanomaterial.


The Company has four business divisions to better support growth in the near future: The four major product lines include:


1.      Water:  Cleaning contaminated industrial wastewater - including PFAS our 3rd party tested ability to remove 100% of PFAS contamination in water.

2.      HVAC  (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)- characterized as the most environmentally respectful, financially compelling component and system solution using no refrigerant together with a new architecture we believe begins the remake of the industry forever;

3.      Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP): Extending the useful life of fresh foods and similar organics by two times driving refrigeration ROI; 

4.      Cross Industry: This segment includes transportation related solutions, products made using Aqualyte which may replace current products containing or creating PFAS (items used in electrolyzers, certain fuel cells, even gaseous refrigerants used today in HVAC worldwide to name a few), coatings, and sensors.


Solution Information



“Aqualyte is an amazing, proven nanomaterial able to exercise precise control of moisture in a wide variety of processes in a gigantic, worldwide serviceable market having an annual serviceable value of $642 billion and continues to grow,” said Brian Johnson, Chief Technology Officer for Dais.  “Our ability to precisely control features and outcomes enables the production of highly efficient, industry-changing product solutions,” said Johnson. “The Company is commercially selling its Aqualyte™ nanomaterial to select OEMs for a variety of OEM uses.”



“The impact of the pandemic and the need for proper ventilation and providing energy savings, health, productivity, and the comfort of occupants in a building are driving increased sales,” said Jacob Biggs, Dais’s Director of Sales, and Marketing. “Savings ranges from 30% - 67% in lower energy costs providing the health benefits of increased ventilation for less cost.  The feedback from our customers is really motivating to us.  They see and value of the energy (and emissions) savings especially with growing costs worldwide for electricity. The users feel the additional comfort and see signs of increased productivity in their indoor environment. ConsERV growth comes from educational, medical, and specialty communities for the product’s large benefit package,” said Biggs.



“Environments can be humid one season and arid in others, making moisture a significant issue with many industries,” said Rasool Isfahani, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer.  “The DisruptorCC™ uses the features of Aqualyte to manage humidity less expensively without exposing people to coronaviruses, legionella bacteria, or residues from ultrasonic humidifiers. It is a more efficient way of serving the management of humidity. It becomes the new ‘state-of-the-art' in the HVAC industry and it marks only the first in a wave of change moving the industry using Aqualyte advanced nanomaterials,” concluded Isfahani.


Dais is working with a major multi-national entity having a strong presence in the HVAC market. This company’s savings number using a combination of ConsERV (HVAC ventilation) and the initial DisruptorCC model yielded (since early this year) energy and emission savings greater than 70%[2].   On successful validation (expected in early 4th quarter of 2023) there is a purchase order between the two companies with a potential monetary value of $17M. Dais is expecting validation will yield in a stronger relationship including the purchase of more units, and this worldwide awareness will rise recognition of Aqualyte’s abilities.




“The PFAS challenge is a worldwide problem which is rapidly gaining attention from industry and political leaders, and we are proposing NanoClear as the best solution,” said Isfahani. “We have processed PFAS contaminated water and when the processed water was independently tested – by two separate facilities, it showed undetectable levels of PFAS.” 


NanoClear is proven to be durable as full-scale units have withstood the rugged industrial wastewaters of Southeast Asia for more than 5 years.  Benefits to the entities using the NanoClear process when properly configured are that costs are approximately half of those using other waste cleaning technologies. The water quality is over ten times higher removing most pharmaceuticals, architecture is simpler, and for the most part there is no pre-treatment of water required. NanoClear is poised to compete in the $53 Billion wastewater market.


The features built into Aqualyte™ enable it to function as a cornerstone of high-performance products in clean air and water, energy efficiency, and the health of people. The need for these products is surging and given the changes in the awareness of consumers and their buying habits after the pandemic Dais and its family of Aqualyte products have a very bright future.


About Dais Corporation
Dais Corporation (DLYT) produces the versatile Aqualyte™ platform of disruptive, field-proven, and industry-recognized nanomaterial and a short list of commercial or coming products using the Platform include:


 • Aqualyte™, the Company’s advanced nanomaterial platform having an impressive set of features including the extraordinarily fast and selective transport of water molecules. These features are carefully tailored to offer new or improved solutions in cross-industry markets for air, energy, food preservation, and clean water products.
 • NanoClear™, a commercialized system treating contaminated industrial wastewater and providing ultra-pure potable water with higher system efficiencies at equal or better capital and operating costs than other technologies. High salt and PFAS uses stand out.

 • ConsERV™, a commercially available engineered energy recovery ventilator that uses stale exhaust air to precondition the temperature and moisture content of incoming fresh ventilation air, typically saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and allowing for equipment downsizing; and
• PolyCool™, a next-generation evaporative cooling technology that is nearing full commercialization where cooling towers and evaporative condensers in HVAC and power generation incorporate Aqualyte to reduce energy consumption and operating costs while preventing the release of dangerous microbes such as Legionella and opening new markets for reduced-maintenance evaporative cooling systems.
These products created by the Platform are focused on profitably securing the future of key resources for life (a.) clean air, clean water, and efficient making and use of energy, and (b.) economic stability addressing growing, diverse markets valued at $642 billion. Our products are revolutionary or industry changing.
Each use of the Aqualyte family of nano-structured polymers and engineered processes focuses on minimizing consumption of irreplaceable natural resources, improving the general population’s health, and ending the degradation of our environment. To learn more, please visit
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[1] Market size projection created with the assistance of the US Department of Commerce, NewtonX Global Research, and specific industry information known or acquired by Dais.

[2] Customer supplied information.