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Deuce Drone to Launch Lunch Delivery Service by Drone in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, AL - (NewMediaWire) - April 13, 2021 - Deuce Drone LLC, a developer of last mile package delivery services by drone, announced today that it will launch lunch delivery service by drone for the BB&T Financial Centre office complex sourced from the Legacy Village retail center. 

BB&T Financial Centre is an office complex with multiple tenants and up to 300 hundred people on site daily. Legacy Village is a multi-tenant retail center hosting local and national brand restaurants and retailers. At the launch of the service, tenants in BB&T Financial Centre may order and pay for lunch through the Deuce Drone website that will then be delivered by one of Deuce Drone’s fleet of small unmanned aerial systems (drones). All flights and operations will be conducted in accordance with the updated Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 rules scheduled to go into effect on 21 April 2021. 

“We are excited to partner with these two great centers in the Mobile, Alabama market,” said Rhett Ross, CEO of Deuce Drone. “Our service will establish daily and weekly lunch delivery service for revenue while allowing us to validate and improve key aspects of our business technology,” he finished. 

“Offering this service to our tenants and their teams is a great way to welcome people back to the office and provide new value to the office experience,” said Philip Burton, owner of BB&T Financial Centre. 

“Being one of the first retail centers in the region to offer regular food delivery service by drone demonstrates our commitment to using technology to keep local retail competitive in an online world,” said Richard Inge, Managing Partner of Legacy Village. 

Deuce Drone will use a 26-pound maximum takeoff weight drone operating under the Class 3 weight provisions of the new Part 107 regulations for its delivery service. The Drone will be able to carry between 5 and 10 pounds of food items on each flight. 

About Deuce Drone: 

Deuce Drone is developing technology and services to provide last mile delivery for “brick and mortar” retailers by enabling drone shipment from existing stores. Leveraging clients’ current infrastructure, we design, build, and operate drone delivery systems, transforming retail stores into customer fulfillment centers. Deuce Drone provides a cost-effective, technology-driven solution for same-day delivery that allows retailers to compete with major e-commerce players 

Rhett Ross