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Dividend News Update: BOTS Board Approves Dividend; BOTS' First Publication Reaches Number One in Five Categories on Amazon's eBook Store; BOTS Reconsiders Developing AI Assistant Based on Scott Adams

San Juan, Puerto Rico - (NewMediaWire) - March 21, 2023 - BOTS, Inc or ("The Company") (OTC PINK: BTZI), a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, is excited to announce an update to its dividend strategy.


The Board approved record date has been set at April 20, 2023, which will be followed by notice to FINRA 10 days prior to record date. The rate of distribution which the board has approved is based on 1 $BULT for each 6.72 $BTZI held on that record date. The Board set May 15, 2023 as the payment date. Today is the announcement date.



The New eBook Explores the Potential of Equity Currencies in the Digital Age

A new eBook titled "The Coming Age of Equity Currencies: Crypto Shares Will Change The World Forever" has been released on Amazon. The eBook, authored by BOTS, Inc, delves into the potential of equity currencies as a disruptive force in the financial industry.

Equity currencies, as explained in the eBook, are shares of companies that are stored on a blockchain and can be used as a form of payment in lieu of cash. This innovative concept has the potential to increase liquidity and ease of transfer for equities, while also disrupting traditional banking systems. In light of the growing number of major bank failures, the timing of this release is significant.

The eBook provides a comprehensive overview of equity currencies, including their technical aspects, potential use cases, risks and challenges, and predictions for the future. It also explores the case study of First Bitcoin Capital Corp., the first pubco to place shares on the blockchain and discusses innovations and entrepreneurship in equity currencies.

"The Coming Age of Equity Currencies" is a timely and informative read for investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the future of finance. The eBook offers insights into the potential impact of equity currencies on global trade and economic development, as well as opportunities for leveraging equity currencies for social impact.

BOTS, Inc. started its publishing venture in the financial sector on March 12, 2023 upon publication of this e-Book. Their debut publication, "The Coming Age of Equity Currencies: Crypto Shares Will Change The World Forever," has already gained significant recognition, reaching five stars, #1 status on Amazon in five categories in the USA and UK.

With plans to release hundreds of eBooks this year, BOTS aims to establish itself as a leading player in the financial publishing industry and compete with established brands such as Benzinga.

The success of their first publication is a promising sign for BOTS' future prospects, as they continue to provide valuable insights and analysis on emerging trends in the financial world.

The eBook is available on Amazon for $9.99 and is compatible with Kindle devices and apps. For more information or to purchase the eBook, please visit the following link:


ChatGPT Robot Reads the News

We recently made waves by announcing that we had selected @ScottAdamsSays to be incorporated into our AI system creating his virtual twin. However, in light of recent controversy, we took a step back and revisited our decision.

After careful analysis of Scott's historical record, including his support for BLM, Colin Kaepernick, Barrack Obama, Affirmative Action, and Black History Month, as well as his statements proclaiming his love for all black people, we are confident in our selection.

He even went the extra mile by joining interviews with popular black podcasters Sonnie Johnson and Hotep Jesus, and their feedback solidified our decision to move forward with developing Adams into a friendly, virtually all-knowing AI assistant.

Join us as we usher in a new era of news with ChatGPT Robot Reads the News - where cutting-edge technology meets inclusivity and diversity.


About BOTS, Inc.


BOTS, Inc. is a global technology company specialized in AI, Blockchain-based solutions, including decentralized finance applications, and cybersecurity solutions, and owns a portfolio of digital assets and crypto-related businesses such as BeadSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange, Bitcoin ATM related US patents, and Cyber Security Group LLC, an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certified company. Bots, Inc is developing a friendly AI assistant modeled after the personality of Scott Adams and designed to be a personal friend to our customers -incorporating multiple features, some of which are found in the popular ChatGPT.

BTZI subsidiary, TekX Mining and Gaming PC Solutions also provides crypto mining consulting, optimization, and crypto mining equipment repair and extended warranty contracts. TekX conducts miner repair technicians' training. TekX also is offering testing, inspection & certification (TIC) services as a value-added set of procedures which is now provided to ensure that the preowned bitcoin miners and other related products meet the mandated regulations and manufacturing standards in terms of quality and safety. These services include optional on-site or remote diagnostic testing, documentary checks, data processing consistency verification, management process audits, and inspections across the entire supply chain. Testing and commission will be provided to the institutional bitcoin miner purchasers as well as smaller miner-operators or at the request of the manufacturer.


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