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Dr. Wayne Johnson Declares Support for Doug Collins in Georgia's U.S. Senate Special Election

Macon, Georgia - (NewMediaWire) - October 01, 2020 - The race to fill the remainder of the term of former United States Senator Johnny Isakson just got a little less complicated. Today, Dr. Wayne Johnson announces that he is suspending his Senate election campaign for Isakson's seat; and also declares his full support for the election of U.S. Representative Doug Collins to this Senate seat.

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Johnson, one of the 21 candidates in the November U.S. Senate Special Election and a former Trump Administration senior official, issued the following statement.

"It is a great honor to have participated in this historic and very unique Special Election for the U.S. Senate. However, it has become clear to me that the time has come for me to take the responsible action of removing myself from the field of candidates in order to allow the voters of Georgia to focus their attention on a truly electable candidate. The electable candidate that I will be supporting is Doug Collins. I believe that Doug is by far the most qualified of the leading candidates to be the next U.S. Senator for Georgia, and that he understands first-hand the kitchen table issues that are affecting the citizens of Georgia. I also identify with Doug as coming from a hard working middle-class family, as a military veteran, a father, and as a fellow public servant."

With relatively limited campaign spending compared with the top polling candidates, Dr. Wayne Johnson has been able to distinguish himself in this race due to his signature campaign issue of drastically reforming the broken Federal Student Loan system. Dr. Johnson has pledged that he will continue with his initiatives to provide fiscally responsible and conservative plans for student loan debt freedom and higher education financing reform.

Dr. Johnson encourages everyone to go to a voter education YouTube video entitled "Georgia's Unique Jungle Primary Explained" in order to learn more about this "crazy" November Special Senate Election; and most importantly, he encourages everyone to exercise their important citizenship right to vote.

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