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e2e Pharma Announces Achievement as a Preferred Supplier by the National Animal Supplements Council

NASC Designation Signals Quality Manufacturing for Animal Supplements, Including CBD Pet Products


Phoenix, AZ - (NewMediaWire) - November 30, 2022 - e2e Pharma (The “Company”), a private label end-to-end manufacturer for CBD and non-CBD branded topicals and ingestibles that are sold direct to consumers online and through nationwide retail chains, announced today the Company earned the designation as a preferred supplier by the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC), and is now live on the NASC’s Preferred Supplier List.

“We believe in quality, safety and efficacy in our pet products, and are proud to have achieved NASC approval on their preferred supplier list, which ensures our form factors pass rigorous quality standards for animal supplement use,” said Shannon Bard, Founder of e2e. “We see a bright future for increased adoption and understanding of animal supplements that include CBD and look forward to continuing to better the lives of pets through the high-quality products we create for our clients.”

The NASC preferred supplier list identifies companies that are committed to quality, vigilance and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals and horses. The achievement means e2e has undergone a comprehensive quality audit by the NSF, and the Company’s 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, also has current approval by NSF. 

e2e’s facility is also 21 CFR Part 111 cGMP certified for cosmetics and supplements for all form factors and HACCP certified for food safety. The manufacturing facility creates 12-15 different white and private label form factors for brands, including topicals such as lotions, creams, balms, non-aerosol sprays and roll-ons, and ingestibles such as gummies, softgels and tinctures. 

e2e products are distributed nationally through the top brands in retail, and products see food and drug placement at stores and mega-retail store chains nationwide like CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Dollar General. e2e also offers drop shipping directly to clients’ customers. In addition to CBD, e2e also produces non-CBD branded products through its white and private label services, including plant-based and plant-adaptogen health and wellness products, topicals, ingestibles, and beauty products. e2e’s goal is to continue to diversify its client base and manufacture end-to-end product solutions for a wide variety of global brands. 

To learn more about e2e Pharma, visit

About e2e Pharma

e2e Pharma is a private label and contract manufacturer for CBD and non-CBD branded topicals and ingestibles that are sold direct to consumer, online and through retail. e2e offers end-to-end services, encompassing all aspects of product creation from design, packaging, formulation, and delivery, and are currently producing for the top brands that dominate the nationwide retail market right now in CBD. For more information on e2e Pharma, visit

About the NASC

Members of the National Animal Supplement Council are concerned and committed manufacturers of animal health supplements across the globe. Together they endeavor to improve the quality of these products sold to consumers for the benefit of their horses, cats, dogs and other companion animals. NASC’s overriding goal is to promote the health and well-being of non-human food chain animals that are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the integrity of the animal health product industry.

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