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Endexx Corporation Reports Substantial Financial Growth and Market Expansion in Annual Financial Results

CAVE CREEK, AZ - (NewMediaWire) - April 18, 2024 - Endexx Corporation (OTC: EDXC), a leading developer of plant-based lifestyle products, today reported a significant increase in revenue and expansion into new global markets for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023. Report Here:

Financial and Operational Highlights:

Robust Revenue Growth: Endexx achieved a remarkable revenue increase to $3,908,385 in 2023, up from $2,138,010 in 2022, marking an 83% year-over-year growth. This growth reflects strong market demand and the effectiveness of the company's strategic initiatives.

Expanded Global Footprint: The company has significantly expanded its presence in international markets, with notable revenue contributions from Italy, which accounted for 48% of total revenues. Continued strong performance in the U.S. and Russia further demonstrates Endexx's broad international appeal and successful market penetration strategies.

Detailed Financial Review:

Asset Management: Total assets stood at $10,328,161 as of September 30, 2023. Effective inventory and strategic financial instrument management underlined the company’s commitment to maintaining a solid operational base to support growth.

Liability Oversight: The company reported a structured approach to managing its liabilities, focusing on strategic financial planning and sustainable growth.

Forward Outlook:

Endexx is committed to sustaining its growth trajectory and enhancing shareholder value through strategic marketing, continuous product innovation, and expanding its international market presence. The company remains focused on leveraging its robust financial position to explore new opportunities and achieve its strategic goals.

About Endexx Corporation

Endexx Corporation is responsible for developing and distributing an all-encompassing suite of all-natural, plant-derived wellness and topical skincare products. We aim to foster unparalleled skin health and grooming wellness, backed by a decade of clinical research and breakthrough innovation.

About HYLA

HYLA stands distinguished in the wellness landscape, offering avant-garde non-nicotine, guarana, and L-Dopa-based vape products, acclaimed for an unparalleled 4,500 puffs per device. Pioneering within the U.S., HYLA is set on a robust global expansion, primed for continued ascendancy.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains information about what we predict our financial performance and business will look like in the future. Our forecasts are based on current estimations, projections, and expectations, but it is important to note that they do not guarantee future outcomes. The predictions we make can be subject to significant risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual results to differ from what is anticipated in the statements. It is important to note that the Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements if new information, future events, or developments arise.

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