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Enjoy Smart Life, Start With GEONFINO Smart Locks

New York, NY - (NewMediaWire) - October 7, 2022 - Recent technological advancements have led to various developments and fields. Security locks, for instance, have become much more secure as a result of their being digitized. The smart lock has been the trend and companion for the smart home, so will be GEONFINO. GEONFINO prides itself being a professional brand dedicated to providing high quality products and services that provide high security and convenience to users.

GEONFINO Smart Deadbolt Lock with Bluetooth App, $109.99.

This lock has done away with the worry of forgetting keys, as it comes with four unlocking mechanisms: APP, Smart key, Passcode and IC Card. The lock does not require internet connectivity to function, as the electronic keypad deadbolt is unlocked via Bluetooth quickly, stably, and safely. There is a provision to grant either temporary or long term passwords for other people, giving them access during specified days. The unit has a maximum number of password entries attempted, temporarily shutting down after 5 failed attempts. The LED light makes it visible even where there is insufficient lighting. The lock has a wide temperature range, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, hence it’s suitable for outdoor use. It is equipped with a durable battery capable of working for about 12 months. Users also can check the battery power on the APP to remind themselves to replace the battery.

GEONFINO Fingerprint Door Lock with Bluetooth App, $149.99.

This smart door lock has other unlocking modes such as TTLock APP, IC Card, Passcode and Mechanical key. The lock has an advanced level lock cylinder, preventing the occurrence of a violent breach or hacking. The bluetooth control makes it easy, secure and fast to unlock. The lock also has provisions to generate passwords for other users. Voice and remote control can be activated with the Wi-Fi Gateway and Alexa (sold separately). The lock has a durable battery with a lifespan of about a year.

GEONFINO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Lock, $149.99.

This WiFi & Bluetooth Smart Lock with gateway supports 6 unlocking methods: Password, eKeys, App control, Voice control, and RFID card and Physical key entry. Users can unlock or lock WiFi door locks from anywhere through the TTLock app, preventing family members or friends from waiting too long outside. This keypad door lock also supports virtual password function, users can enter random numbers before/after the correct password to prevent strangers from peeping. They can also view the unlocking record remotely, with high security. Equipped with anti-hacking cylinder, this door lock is made of zinc alloy for harsh environments (IP65 waterproof), ensuring durability and high security. When the Wi-Fi tongue with hub is low on battery, the screen lights up and beeps to warn someone. The smart WiFi latch lock is equipped with a micro-USB interface for emergency charging to avoid being unable to operate due to insufficient power.

GEONFINO’s smart locks are definitely worth taking a look at, due to their high quality standard and ease and convenience of use.

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