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eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc. Offers Expert Strategies for IT Service Providers on Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats

SAN JOSE, CA - (NewMediaWire) - September 21, 2023 - Over 97% of American businesses in 2023, operating in a digitally-driven landscape, heavily rely on the Internet for essential functions such as productivity, performance optimization, streamlined communication, bolstered sales, and various other facets of their daily operations. This heightened dependence on digital infrastructure, however, comes with a notable caveat: more than 87% of small businesses are entrusted with customer data that could be potentially compromised in the event of a cyberattack.

eSudo Technology Solutions San Jose has been an active player in the IT and cybersecurity space for years and has carefully watched and documented the trend of cybersecurity threats that businesses may face. This knowledge has helped the company prepare its clients, fortifying their online presence and protecting them from all forms of online attacks, including DDoS attacks, malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and more.

Shedding more light on the biggest cybersecurity threats in 2023 for businesses, the company noted that more American businesses are now victims of social engineering, a key method of obtaining sensitive data and credentials. With a growing rate of attacks, over 75% of businesses have been subject to these threats, often presented in the form of phishing emails and email impersonations. The growing trend also gives some information on what the future may hold regarding internet security for businesses.

Other than social engineering as a means of obtaining customer and/or employee data, Third-Party exposure has also proved to be a common option used by hackers and malicious internet users. With the growing need to outsource and improve bottom lines, more businesses are turning to less-vetted independent contractors whose network may have been compromised, thus leaking their sensitive and proprietary information to the wrong hands. Such was the case with the U.S. Colonial Pipeline hack in April 2021, resulting in a $5 million ransom to regain access.

More businesses are also prone to configuration mistakes, especially as they are upgrading software and equipment to meet the current market demands and standards. These configuration mistakes can leave a backdoor to be exploited by unscrupulous elements who may wish to breach data and take over complete systems and pipelines.

eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc., in its assessment of the current cybersecurity landscape, added that most businesses also have poor cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene, in this case, refers to the use of unprotected technologies that can expose sensitive information or expose them to attacks. The company further reported that about 60% of business organizations still rely on humans to manage their passwords, while over 42% of businesses manage their passwords on notepads and sticky notes. In addition, as much as 54% of businesses do not have two-factor authentication for accessing their online accounts, which further exposes them to the risk of data breaches.

The cybersecurity and managed IT service provider is committed to addressing these issues by providing a Free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service to businesses. The free risk assessment solution will help businesses understand the mistakes they’ve made and the strategies or steps that can improve their online security, thus making them an impregnable fortress for cyberattacks.

eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc. not only identifies the threats and potential avenues but also provides the right solutions through a range of managed IT and cybersecurity solutions. Businesses can leverage their plethora of IT services like IT help desk and end-user management, Advanced cyber protection programs, 24/7 network monitoring solutions, Vendor management services, and more to improve their online presence and protect their sensitive data.

The company also provides additional solutions like Business Phone Systems (VoIP), modern cloud solutions for storage and operation, Microsoft 365 Migration, and more.

IT service providers and businesses can now experience improved online security and protection from cyberattacks by choosing eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc.’s free cybersecurity assessment. Contact the team via phone at (408) 216-5800 or visit their website for more information. eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc. is located at 1440 Koll Cir Ste 102, San Jose, California 95112 US.

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