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Ethema Executes Two Real Estate Transactions and Major Debt Repayment

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - (NewMediaWire) - July 17, 2023 - Ethema Health Corporation (OTCPINK: GRST) (“Ethema”, “GRST” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the results of the global restructuring efforts with its senior lender and the property purchase in West Palm Beach.   

First, the Company is pleased to announce that is has signed a binding purchase and sale agreement to sell and leaseback the property located at 950 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach for $8,500,000 contemporaneously with the purchase of the property for $5,500,000. The Company will simultaneously enter into a twenty-year lease on the Property. The agreement became legally binding on July 13, 2023, and it is expected to conclude on or before August 3, 2023. The three million dollar spread is profit to the Company before expenses.   Second, as a result of the sale leaseback transaction, the Company will have the resources to pay off all of the outstanding senior lender debt at the closing of the transaction.   The senior lender had previously extended the forbearance agreement to allow for the Company to complete this process.  Third, the Company has agreed to sell the subsidiary that owns the Canadian property to its senior lender in exchange for all of the senior lender’s preferred shares, accrued and unpaid dividends, and the assumption of the property mortgage. The Company will emerge from this transaction with a greatly streamlined cap table, an improved balance sheet, and a new focus on an “asset light” business model.

Overall, the impact of this transaction will equate to a net reduction in debt of approximately $6.7 million and shareholder equity is expected to improve by $2 million for an overall positive improvement on the balance sheet of $8.7 million.

The Company also renegotiated the maturities of all of its remaining debt that had either expired or had no fixed terms of repayment. This puts the Company in a position to manage the repayment of those debts over time or convert them to equity.  In addition, the senior lender has agreed to exchange its warrant issued on June 12, 2020 for a new warrant with improved terms for the Company including a limit on the right to purchase up to 20% of the Company’s shares, and limits on antidilution rights. With these changes in hand, the Company is poised to raise new equity through its Reg A+ offering and to continue on with expansion and growth.  There are no plans to consolidate the stock and there will be no remaining outstanding debt that contains any variable rate conversion feature.

The Company further reports that its ARIA subsidiary’s extremely strong results in April and May continued in June and overall revenue for the ARIA subsidiary will be approximately $1,450,000 for the quarter, which will result in ARIA’s highest quarterly profit to date.  The second quarter results will be released before August 14, 2023. 

The previous announced LOI for the purchase of an acquisition in South Carolina was terminated due to an inability to extend it any further without a commitment of funds to close.  Until such time as the Company has the resources and cash on hand to consummate such an acquisition, it will defer entering into any further LOI.

Mr. Shawn Leon, Company CEO, reported, “Our focus on reducing debt has paid off in spades with this combination of transactions.  If there was any doubt about our ability to get out from under our debt and succeed, that doubt has certainly been squashed with these developments.  We created three million of cash without issuing debt or equity and improved our balance sheet by $8.7 million.  These are stellar results for a company that has been trading at market-cap below $2 million.  Our balance sheet is cleaner, healthier and stronger. This is a great foundation upon which to continue to grow the Company and is fantastic progress for Ethema.” Mr. Leon further added, “I have been questioned often about what our plans are to consolidate the stock and I can report that there are no near term plans to do so.  I can only see that happening in conjunction with an up-listing when that time comes, and I believe it will come, based on our much stronger financial position, fantastic opportunities, and our vast experience in the addiction treatment industry.”   

Ethema is proud of our core mission which centers on delivering compassionate, evidence-based addiction treatment. We operate under stringent ethical standards and maintain a robust admission process driven by patients' individual needs and clinical necessities. We remain steadfast in our commitment to serve those battling addiction.

About Ethema Health Corporation

Ethema Health Corporation (OTCPINK: GRST) operates in the behavioral healthcare space specifically in the treatment of substance use disorders. Ethema developed a unique style of treatment over the last decade and has had much success with in-patient treatment for adults. Ethema will continue to develop world class programs and techniques for North America.  For more information you can visit our website at . 

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