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First National Energy Makes Major Breakthrough With Acquisition of World Patent for Revolutionary Internal Combustion Engine

SARASOTA, FL - (NewMediaWire) - January 9, 2023 - First National Energy Corporation (FNEC)  is proud to announce the acquisition of a patent for a revolutionary technology that could transform the automotive industry. The technology, developed and built by renowned mechanical and aeronautical engineer Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski, is a superior internal combustion engine that could provide a solution for affordable sustainability.

Initial testing has shown that this engine has the potential to allow vehicles to travel twice the distance while emitting 80% fewer pollutants and 33% less greenhouse gas emissions. Weighing in at less than 150 pounds and costing less than half of current engines, this 360 horsepower motor is set to revolutionize the industry.

First National is excited to bring this game-changing technology to market as it looks forward to its potential to improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact.  First National’s team will continue to refine this innovative engine as it moves towards mass production.


About  First National Energy Corporation

First National Energy is an established company with a track record in renewable energy while trading under the symbol FNEC for more than 20 years.  The company has recently made a significant shift in its direction by focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving sustainability.  This new mission will be supported by innovative technologies, including wind-powered turbines and a revolutionary internal combustion engine that is more efficient and environmentally-friendly than current engines.  First National Energy is well positioned to succeed in this new direction, with a wealth of assets and expertise at its disposal.  The company has proven and producing turbines with a global presence, a profitable logistics operation in North America, and a patented internal combustion engine that has the potential to make a significant impact on fuel efficiency and pollution.  Overall, First National Energy is poised to make a positive impact on the world through its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sustainability.  The company's new mission and innovative technologies provide a strong foundation for a bright and responsible future.

About    Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski  Inventor/Engineer

Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski is a highly accomplished mechanical engineer and aeronautical expert with over 30 years of experience in research and development of internal combustion engines.  He holds a Masters of Engineering degree from Cracow University of Technology and has multiple patents to his name for innovative engine designs and advanced material technologies.  Wojciech also is a veteran ultralight pilot and founder of JabFly Corp. a powered paraglider ultra-light aircraft manufacturer and exporter that is responsible for creating one of the world's first and safest flying parasail trikes.    His technology and system were used in over 90 movies and film productions, including aerial photography for National Geographic and the BBC.  Wojciech is also known for his work on single-stroke engines, which he identified as having the potential for significantly higher power density than current internal combustion engine designs. He spent many years studying the basic operating principles and technological applications of this type of engine and in 2014 he built a functional proof-of-concept prototype.  In 2018, he established AMPERe Inc. as his formal research and development facility, where he continues to fine tune his innovative engines optimized for commercial use.


Forward Looking Statements

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