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Hypersonic Laboratories, Creator of HELIX Metaverse, Raises $3.5 Million in Pre-Seed Round

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - September 14, 2022 - (King NewsWire) - Hypersonic Laboratories, the startup behind HELIX, a high-fidelity open-world metaverse platform, has raised $3.5 Million in a Pre-Seed round led by Play Ventures. The raise comes just prior to HELIX's highly anticipated launch of the Founder Pass in September. 

Samsung Next, GSR, Third Kind, Alex Chung (Founder of Giphy), Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance), and several other angel investors also participated in the round. H.E.L.I.X. (Hyper Expansive Lifelike Interoperable eXperience) aims to be a disruptive force in blockchain gaming by utilizing hyper-realistic graphics, vast open-world environments, and an NFT-enabled item marketplace. 

Set in Parallel City, a massively detailed virtual recreation of New York City, HELIX allows players to own properties, vehicles, clothing, businesses, and earn tokens by competing with other players and selling virtual goods. “We are very aware of unsustainable user cycles that some blockchain games can fall into, which is why we are absolutely prioritizing fun and immersive gameplay first. While web3 and NFTs are an important part of HELIX, we are deliberately designing the overall experience in a way that those elements are quietly working in the background as a technology layer, instead of being the sole focus of the game,” Art Director and former Rockstar artist Paul Brousse said in a statement. HELIX allows users to sign up and play within minutes and purchase NFT items with a credit card without the need for complicated wallet setups. 

HELIX plans to onboard users beginning in October with the launch of the "Founder Pass," which will grant owners exclusive in-game items and at least 3-months early access ahead of the public launch, scheduled for Q1 of 2023. The highly anticipated "Founder Pass" collection consists of 5000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and will hit the market in late September.





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