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IFBC Dino Luzzi Energy Drink Revenues Update and Italian Launch

PLAINVIEW, NY - (NewMediaWire) - April 12, 2022 - Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (OTC- IFBC) last year revenue closed with a solid 30% sales increase compared to the previous year, the Company in the first quarter of this year has launched its  Energy Drink in Italy through its recently acquired European Division, located by the Capital in the Region of Lazio. 

The Company has garnered 2 new corporate executives. Chief Marketing Officer Chris Pati - 30+ year iconic Music Business Veteran and Founder/Chairman of IndiMusic TV, Entrepreneur and media visionary. New President Alan Cohen, is an entrepreneur with expertise on building businesses and establishing possibilities on increasing sales as well as an expert in marketing and various sports venues. 

With the acquisition purposes, we will be able to promote the sale of the IFBC’s Energy Drink throughout Italy, with the eventual expansion into all the countries of Europe. The Dino Luzzi Energy Drink has gained traction in Italy and is on its way to international recognition. This is evidenced by the increased allocations of shelf space by foreign and domestic retailers.

On April 9th and 10th of this year, this new Division sponsored the Windsurfer Spring Cup National Regatta, the venue for which is historic Anzio, Italy. Throughout this Regatta, the Energy Drink was promoted extensively, in particular, on the beach of Anzio with young, lively, attractive company representatives presenting the product as it is, and in a new line of specifically formulated cocktails. 

This promotional effort was further enhanced by way of a festival-like atmosphere, which was generated by the presence of many great food stands, restaurants, shops, children’s and family entertainment venues at a nearby shopping center. At the center of it all, and resting atop a specially constructed cupola, was a 3-meter tall, brightly illuminated Dino Luzzi Energy  Drink, which was clearly visible to tourists and locals alike, from the Ciampino Rome airport, and will remain accessible to the local community for the entire summer.

Stateside, IFBC continues its participation in the SCCA racing program which promotes the Energy Drink through its membership program, and includes the Energy Drink logo on its corporate letterhead, as well as on its web ads branding pages for all its websites. Presently, we are offering our product to all SCCA members, as well as through Amazon. 

Despite the pandemic, the Energy Drink has increased its nationwide presence. During the recent SCCA races, held on April  8th and 9th, full-blown images of the Energy Drink draped two prominent race cars – one driven by Alan Cohen, who drove our GT-1 Ford Mustang, and the other driven by Jenn Krpata, who drove our GT2 Chevy Impala. 

IFBC Chairman, Dino Luzzi, expressed his gratification at the progress made by IFBC during these past two years, especially in terms of its market penetration and overall visibility welcoming Chief Marketing Officer Chris Pati and President Alan Cohen. 

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