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Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs Opens New San Diego-based Headquarters, One of the Largest Cannabis Testing Labs in California

San Diego, CA - (NewMediaWire) - March 15, 2022 - Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs (“InfiniteCAL” or “the Company”), a full-service analytical testing lab for the cannabis and hemp industries, announced today the grand opening of its new San Diego-based headquarters. The 16,000 square foot laboratory space positions InfiniteCAL as one of the largest cannabis testing labs in the State, and allows the Company to serve three times its current sample volume. The new location coincides with the transition to a new annual license, which is the first annual license for testing labs in the state of California.


The California cannabis industry has a strict and rigorous process for obtaining an annual license: Less than 25% of licenses are annual and there are no testing labs until today. “It's been a long road and I wanted to congratulate and thank everyone on the InfiniteCAL team, each person at ICAL has directly or unknowingly made this possible,” says CEO, Josh Swider. “We should all be proud of what we have accomplished in continuing to set the bar for the industry.” 

The laboratory will begin testing cannabis products immediately and is approved to service both the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis and hemp markets. InfiniteCAL’s new facility is located at 8312 Miramar Mall, in San Diego.

Founded by two Ph.D. chemists, Josh Swider and Dave Marelius, InfiniteCAL aims to set the standard for quality cannabis testing nationwide. The new lab, designed by InfiniteCAL co-founder and CEO Josh Swider, is built with additional upgraded suites dedicated to each set of state-of-the-art instruments. The lab is large enough to accommodate independent spaces for each type of analysis. In addition, the facility has a biosafety level (BSL 2) microbial room, an industry compliance standard for added assurance against cross-contamination issues. InfiniteCAL also holds an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, and are ACIL Cannabis Working Group Founding Members and NACB Advocacy Board Members.

“Our new headquarters will not only allow us to increase our customer intake three times over, but it will also allow us to reflect the quality of the work we are doing to ensure honest and accurate testing results through ethical and science-backed processes,” said Swider. “This is our third move in the course of three years and speaks to InfiniteCAL’s exponential growth and effective scaling we’ve navigated over time.”

The new facility has the potential to create up to 200 new jobs. The Company’s robust team is dedicated to method development for unique client projects and internal research. Employees will have access to new, high-end amenities including a break room and kitchen as well as upgraded conference rooms for both client and internal meetings.

The new San Diego location is the latest addition to the Company’s expanding portfolio of analytical laboratories in the U.S. The Company opened its Jackson, Michigan-based laboratory in August 2020, and has most recently become the first in the country to receive a full Colorado hemp testing lab certification in 2021. InfiniteCAL plans to open two new labs in 2022 with plans to expand further in 2023. 

According to Global Market Insights, the Cannabis Testing Market size was valued at USD 1.0 billion in 2018 and is expected to witness more than 13.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2025 alongside the market size estimated to generate $2.44 billion by 2027.

About Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs

Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs offers a wide range of quality assurance in addition to state compliance testing to uphold brands to the highest standards for premium products. With state-of-the-art facilities in California, Michigan, and expansions currently underway across the United States, InfiniteCAL believes the purpose of quality assurance and compliance testing is for public safety. The Company holds scientific integrity above anything else and delivers consistent and factual results for all clients.

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