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JumpTech Completes Jurong Port Enterprise Digitization Project

SINGAPORE - (NewMediaWire) - May 30, 2024 - JumpTech Solutions, Corp. (“JumpTech” or “Company”), a global leader in enterprise digitization and mobile solution development, today announced the completion of a multi-stage, enterprise-scale digitization project at the Jurong Port, one of Singapore's largest commercial shipping ports. The project, which began in June 2022, entailed the development and implementation of a digital system for the port’s Digital Tally System (DTS), which was previously run on outdated legacy computer systems and pen and paper tracking, leading to significant challenges in accuracy and operational efficiency. The digital DTS developed by JumpTech and its affiliated companies is now fully operational across multiple divisions within the Jurong Port  and JumpTech continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the system remains up-to-date and performs optimally. The two parties are currently in discussion on future enhancements of the systems based on user feedback and emerging, next-gen solutions. 

The Jurong Port is a leading international multipurpose port operator handling general, bulk and containerized cargo which welcomes over 15,000 ships per year. As ships arrive at the port, their cargo inventory must be tallied prior to and after the unloading and loading phase. This process requires precise tracking of individual containers and pieces with systematic redundancies to ensure an error-free break-bulking of cargo. Before the digital system developed by JumpTech, the port utilized outdated and manual tallying processes, resulting in significant human resource allocation and inefficiencies as the port looked to scale operations. Recognizing the need for modernization, Jurong Port contracted with JumpTech to develop a comprehensive digital solution. The system had stringent requirements in terms of security and flexibility and important aspects of its development included:

  • Security Authentication: The system could not rely on third-party security authentication, so JumpTech developed a proprietary two-factor system that met the standards of government-grade.

  • System Development: The main objective was to develop and implement a comprehensive system designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of cargo handling and operations. The system required real-time data updates as shipments were arriving, offline mode support which was critical to maintain uptime of port operations, and a no-technical UI/UX for easy adoption, navigation and usage.

  • Integrations: The system needed to be integrated with other existing technologies at the port and have the ability to pull in relevant data across multiple platforms including its employee management system.

  • Scalability: The system needed to be designed to be flexible and scalable. As the port continued to grow and the emergence of other technologies entered the system, the DTS needed to be adaptable with the ability to survive continual upgrades and integrations such as an internet-of-thing (IoT) next phase solution. 

The company utilized its agile development methodology for the project, where it outperforms traditional waterfall processes known for their sequential and siloed approach, lengthy development cycles, and inability to quickly integrate user feedback.  The agile method prioritizes the user, focusing on continuous delivery of incremental upgrades. The result was the development and integration of the system in a year and half, around half of the expected three-year timeline for the project. JumpTech is now continuously monitoring the system and optimizing wherever possible based on user feedback. Based on the success of the project, port operators are in discussion with JumpTech on further digitization projects including potential upgrades leveraging next generation solutions such as artificial intelligence and IoT. 

“These types of projects align with the core of JumpTech’s expertise and we were happy to be a part of it,” said S. Mohan, CEO of JumpTech Solutions. “I believe the diverse nature of systems built for the port, paired with the seamless nature of our implementation which required no offline days or delays in break-bulking, highlights both the technical expertise and core competencies of JumpTech. Our agile methodology of development significantly reduces lead-times for projects, separating us from legacy digitization companies, and expediting our growth opportunity as a global player in enterprise scale digitization.”

About Jump Tech Solutions Corp. 

JumpTech is an international digital transformation company leading the modern revolution on a global scale. With deep penetration throughout the Asia-Pacific region, JumpTech offers design-led, digital innovation solutions for Fortune 100 enterprises, governmental agencies, and small-to-mid size private companies throughout the world. Propelling its clients into the modern era, JumpTech uses advanced technologies such as machine learning (AI), automation, and cloud computing solutions, to enhance operational efficiency, minimize costs, and strengthening competitive advantage across industries. Leveraging a novel agility-based project management methodology, JumpTech is modernizing the world, one company, agency, and system at a time. 

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