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RMJ Supply Launches Integrated Energy Incentive Program in Partnership With Leading Sustainability Firm Climate Resources Group

New Program Provides Incentive Audits to CEA Customers, Identifying Both Cost Savings and Cash Refund/Credit Opportunities

NEW YORK, NY - (NewMediaWire) - May 09, 2023 -  RMJ Supply (“RMJ” or the “Company”), a solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies providing a single source solution for the CEA industry, announced today the launch of an integrated energy incentive program through a partnership with Climate Resources Group. The new program provides clients working in the CEA space with incentive audits of engineered systems enabling significant cost savings during either build out or upgrade.

The new program, which will be integrated into RMJ’s existing portfolio of engineering and procurement solutions, will leverage the deep experience of partner Climate Resources Group. Since 2017, Climate Resources Group has been working with mid- to large-scale commercial project managers to identify and implement energy-efficient engineered systems that both reduce resource consumption in the long run while offering significant monetary incentives upfront. Many utility programs provide direct cash payments to commercial customers who choose to install specific energy-efficient equipment and these incentives can equal 50% or more of the total equipment cost. Utility incentives may also cover the cost of a significant portion of labor and electrical work related to an equipment installation or upgrade. Through a proprietary audit protocol, RMJ and Climate Resources Group will now be able to offer these options to customers at the point of design as well as oversee its procurement through implementation to increase the probability of rebate and incentive capture.

“Sustainability and energy efficiency are a part of every discussion we have with our customers and being able to leverage Climate Resources Group’s experience and knowledge, with our equipment, procurement and design expertise, we can offer our customers the smartest options at the best cost,” said Mike Kupferman, CEO of RMJ Supply. “Energy consumption, whether due to lighting or HVAC, is one of the highest cost centers for a CEA operator – and energy efficient systems are notoriously more expensive. So many operators are landing in the middle. Through our program, we will be able to assist CEA growers with reducing the upfront cost of the most efficient products, which will reduce consumption and costs in the long run. We are extremely excited to be able to offer this option and thank Climate Resources Group for the opportunity to work together.”

Climate Resources Group was founded on the recognition that energy-intensive businesses, such as indoor horticultural operators, are often in a unique position to dramatically reduce their energy and environmental footprint while reducing their costs and enhancing profits. In collaboration, the two companies hope to leverage their vast networks to expand energy-efficient engineering throughout the CEA industry.

“We are looking forward to a long and expansive partnership with RMJ,” said Sam Milton, Founder of Climate Resource Group. “Having worked across multiple industries, we understand the heavy energy burden CEA operators face and look forward to assisting them in collaboration with RMJ. I encourage customers to engage your utility earlier and often, ideally in the design process as utility programs are always changing, and incentive application windows can close once the equipment is purchased. We look forward to delivering significant savings for RMJ’s many upcoming projects.”

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About RMJ Supply

RMJ Supply (“RMJ”) is a solutions-focused distributor simplifying the design and delivery of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) projects through the procurement of horticultural equipment and fulfillment of critical cultivation and facilities supplies. Founded in 2017, RMJ combines proprietary technology, unparalleled industry expertise, and established procurement management best practices to evaluate sourcing alternatives, integrate engineered systems, and mitigate project risks. Learn more at

About Climate Resources Group

Climate Resources Group (“CRG”) is a company that enables businesses nationwide to be more profitable by offering solutions for reducing their facilities’ energy and environmental footprint. Through its Enlighten Your Grow program, CRG has helped dozens of indoor horticultural businesses, from early-stage start-ups to multistate operators, reap the rewards of pursuing energy efficiency incentive opportunities for their capital expenses, putting over $3 million back in the pockets of indoor growers. Learn more at           

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