Miami, FL - (NewMediaWire) - February 24, 2022 - To combat medical miscommunication, Taylannas, Inc. is now offering the first multi-lingual, audio-based app, SpeechMED Solo™, for free to Android users. With one in five Americans speaking another language at home, the difficulties of understanding and following medical instructions can be expensive and life-threatening, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. The app empowers patients and caregivers to read and listen to vital health information in different languages and in an easy-to-use format.


SpeechMED Solo focuses on the struggles of 130 million Americans who are health illiterate. “Our diverse neighborhoods have not been served well because every touchpoint in our healthcare system expects patients to read, and read well in English,” says Susan Perry, CEO of Taylannas. “As we are removing the language barrier to make health information understandable, we are also removing the paywall to make SpeechMED Solo accessible for all.”

In addition to voice and language, a key SpeechMED Solo feature helps users manage their daily medicine consumption. “Digital health tools are playing a bigger role and we found that medication compliance is a key step for successful treatments,” says Perry.

Inclusively designed for elderly people, the visually impaired, and those that lack English proficiencies, SpeechMED Solo’s award-winning features and benefits include:

• Consolidating health information on one platform;

• Tracking diet, allergies, and special care instructions;

• Sending automatic medication and appointment reminders;

• Accessing COVID-19 vaccination card;

• Storing medical history and documents;

• Recording audio notes and messages from health providers;

• Connecting users with caregivers and families through remote monitoring;

• And with just two clicks, reading and translating information on the app in different languages.

“COVID-19 has disproportionately affected vulnerable communities and they cannot be left behind because literacy, culture, and vision impairments render printed health information useless,” says Perry. “We are empowering users to be well-informed as they navigate our disjointed and disconnected healthcare system.”


The app currently offers written and audible translations between English and Spanish with French, German, Italian, Korean, and Mandarin available in the coming months.

SpeechMED Solo is available for free on Google Play via the following link:

About Taylannas

Taylannas, Inc. is a minority woman-owned health tech company on a mission of inclusion to make healthcare information understandable to everyone regardless of their language, vision, or ability to read. Their award-winning SpeechMED™ language and audio patient engagement platform is available for enterprise and personal use. Learn more at

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