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The FiLife Announces Money Lender Financial Advising Services for Wealth Management in Singapore

NEW YORK, NY - (NewMediaWire) - February 24, 2023 - FiLife is a financial management advisor, who are managing financial problems related to overseas or foreigners in the company. So, being a financial advisor, they help people in managing their money so they can make the most of it. They will help them use their money to grow their wealth and reach their financial goals. For instance, FAs will help the people think about how to pay off the debt with a bank or money lender, as well as in investing in different assets for a more secure future.

Wealth management is not only for the wealthy. In fact, properly managing the finances is the path to gaining wealth. So, whether the people want to start investing, or plan the retirement in 20 years, or look for a good educational plan, it is best to seek professional help.FiLife is a trusted financial planner who will help create a strategy to meet the long-term financial goals. They will map out a clear strategy from budget planning to retirement planning.

On the other hand, they are not only involved in the planning but also helps clients with a variety of monetary decisions, including investments and wealth management. As a professional and experienced financial advisor, who also help their clients to manage the investments, such as buying and selling stocks, debt management, tax planning, and more.

The Role of Financial Advisors

“Financial Advisor” is a broad term for professionals who help their clients manage their money. When they seek the services of a financial advisor, they will provide financial advice on different topics, including:

  • How much clients should save?

  • The different types of accounts people need

  • What investment portfolio is best based on the risk profile

  • The tye of insurance people should have, such as health, term life, and disability

  • Estate and tax planning

Financial advisors include different types of professionals, such as insurance agents, stockbrokers, money managers, and more.

The services provided by FiLife as financial advisors are

  • Investment advice

  • Wealth management

  • Debt management

  • Financial budgeting

  • Retirement planning

  • Estate planning

  • Healthcare and insurance

  • Tax planning

There are typically two types of fees the clients need to be familiar with:

  • Consultation fees: This is the fee they will need to pay when engaging with a financial advisor. It will cover the FA's time, costs, and expertise. This is a one-time upfront fee.

  • Investment-related fees: If the client choose to let the FA manage their investments using an investment platform, they will charge them a percentage of the total investments.

That said, the cost of seeking professional help will vary depending on the FA. It is recommended to ask about the charges or fees before investing in any of the products suggested.

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

A good financial advisor will help the clients to avoid unnecessary costs and will help the clients to focus on their financial goals.

  • Identify the goals and needs: FAs have different expertise, such as wealth management, estate planning, or retirement planning. Knowing what clients need will help them narrow down the options.

  •  Check for credentials and track records: Check if they are registered in the Monetary Authority of Singapore Register of Financial Representatives. Plus, check for certifications, years of experience, and track records.

  • Range of solutions provided: Ask the financial advisor what services they offer. Choose one that offers the services people need. For instance, if they need wealth management, people will need an FA who will help them navigate the financial journey to achieve their goals.

  • Decide how much people can afford to pay financial advisor: Some financial advisors may charge a percentage of the investments they manage for the clients. On the other hand, a fee-based financial advisor may have a different fee structure from other similar firms.

The Financial Advisors in Singapore

Providend – Best for Wealth Management

Providend is the first fee-only wealth advisory firm in Southeast Asia. A mid-sized professional financial advisory firm, it provides a wide variety of wealth management solutions, including retirement planning and investment management.


  • Wealth management

  • Investment management

  • Risk mitigation

  • Estate planning

Global Financial Consultants (GFC) – Best For Proactive Investment Management

GCF was first founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, and then it moved to the financial district of Singapore in 2003. Recognized for offering tailored financial services, they provide a variety of financial services, such as insurance, CPF investment, and retirement planning.


  • Savings and investments

  • Insurance and protection

  • Education planning

  • Retirement planning

  • CPF investment

  • Legacy and succession planning

  • Tax-effective strategies

  • UK SIPP and Pension Transfers

Expat Advisory Group – Best for Financial Services for Expats

With over 85 years of experience, IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd is one of the most reputable financial advisory firms in Singapore. The Expat Advisory Group is a specialized division specifically for helping foreigners and international private clients in managing their money while living and working in Singapore.


  • Multi-currency wealth management

  • Retirement planning and pension transfers

  • University fee planning

  • International and multi-currency mortgages

  • Legacy planning, trusts, and wills

  • Tax efficiency

  • Life and health insurance

  • Business owners’ solutions

Synergy Financial Advisers – Best For Comprehensive Financial Planning

Synergy is an independent financial advisory firm in Singapore. It offers tailored comprehensive financial planning solutions for its clients. They partner with accredited investors and offer personal, corporate, and high net-worth solutions.


Personal Solutions

  • Life insurance solutions

  • Health and disability solutions

  • Investment solutions

Corporate Solutions

  • Group insurance

  • Business keyman protection

  • Golden handcuff

  • Business buy-sell funding

Financial Alliance – Best For Fee-Based Advisory

Financial Alliance prides itself on being Singapore's largest independent financial advisory firm. It continues to provide unbiased advice while offering only the best-suited financial plans on the unique needs of its clients. Its in-house expert financial advisors will help their clients in analyzing the financial situation as well as provide solutions to reach the financial goals.


Individual Financial Advisory

  • Personal financial advisory

  • Private wealth advisory

  • Islamic wealth advisory

  • Fee-based advisory

Corporate Financial Advisory

  • Employee benefits

  • Business succession planning

  • Commercial business planning


If the people want to build wealth, they can start by understanding their current financial situation and determining their goals. A financial advisor will help them determine the gap between the current financial health and their goals. Additionally, a credible and licensed financial advisor will help diversify the client’s investment portfolio and manage their investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • A financial advisor is not only involved in the planning but also helps clients with a variety of monetary decisions

  • Financial advisors include different types of professionals, such as insurance agents, stockbrokers, money managers, and more.

  • Check if they are registered in the Monetary Authority of Singapore Register of Financial Representatives

  • Some financial advisors may be fee-based, commission-based, or investment-based where they will charge a percentage of the investments, they manage for the clients

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