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US Nuclear Combats PFAS Contamination With Novel, On-The-Spot Detector

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - March 20, 2023 - On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a first-ever national standard establishing legally enforceable limits for six toxic PFAS forever chemicals. This was welcome news for US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) who recently developed and started selling the world’s first real-time PFAS monitor that can measure PFAS contamination in under a minute. Until now, there were only a few states that enforced PFAS regulations, and none as strict as what the EPA is now proposing.  Public concern has grown substantially in recent years as new testing revealed the extent and danger of PFAS contamination to all Americans.  If the proposal is finalized, businesses and drinking water providers across the country will need to start monitoring and regulating PFAS levels, and should certainly benefit from US Nuclear’s real-time monitor that can measure PFAS on the spot.   

Due to its long unregulated use, PFAS contamination has become extremely widespread and can be found in our water (including drinking water), air, soil, consumer products, and has even been found in our food such as fish, shellfish, and meat.   Scientists have estimated that the majority of Americans (over 200 million people) have tap water that is contaminated by PFAS chemicals.  PFAS are known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t degrade, and can cause serious health issues such as cancer, low birthweight and defects, liver and kidney damage, heart attacks, and more. Fortunately, the EPA said that the proposed regulation could prevent thousands of deaths and reduce tens of thousands of PFAS-related illnesses.    

The EPA has asked providers to test for PFAS, notify the public if PFAS contamination is found, and take steps to remove the chemicals if they are above the proposed limits.  The proposal regulates two PFAS compounds as ‘individual contaminants’ with a maximum limit of 4 parts per trillion, while four other PFAS compounds are deemed a ‘mixture’ limiting the combined levels of those chemicals in water.  Water utility providers that don’t comply with the regulations could face steep fines or loss of federal grants.    

US Nuclear’s novel PFAS monitor utilizes a proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) detector and ultra high-speed chromatography to accurately and rapidly detect PFAS contamination in water, other liquids, and gases through headspace analysis.  These instruments are available in both portable (Model PFAS-TA-F) and stationary laboratory versions (Model PFAS-TA-L).  Utilizing a trap and helium carrier gas, the PFAS-TA injects samples (~0.5ml/sec) into a heated column for separation, and the materials exiting the column are deposited on the SAW detector which results in a change to the oscillation frequency which is proportional to the molecular mass.  Automatically identifies PFAS, hydrocarbons C4 to C25, and other compounds with a sensitivity as low as parts-per-trillion in 5-60 seconds, with an expandable library of 700+ chemical signatures.  US Nuclear’s PFAS monitors provide researchers, businesses, and utility companies with a very unique and useful tool that stands out from other far costlier, and time-consuming methods.

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