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Vezbi Super App To File Form 10 with SEC at Conclusion of its 'Project Seva' Charity Donation Round

Pasadena, CA - (NewMediaWire) - November 6, 2022 - Vezbi Super App plans to file a Form 10 with the SEC to register and begin reporting as a public company at the conclusion of its ‘Project Seva’  donation round. Vezbi plans to donate to over 100 charities with this program and encourages all eligible 501(c)3 nonprofits to apply. Registration as a public company will require audited financial statements to be included with the filing.

Why Be a Publicly Reporting Company?

Shaped by past experiences of its founder, Vezbi wants to put accountability and transparency first. This includes not only Vezbi, but the users and businesses who make up the Vezbi ecosystem.

Vezbi had been ambivalent about the prospect of public reporting; but given the direction the world, legislation, and existing tech companies currently are going, Vezbi feels that its vision and perspective are needed (and necessary) for the next phase of the Internet.

Because Vezbi believes its perspective is needed and necessary, it must be bigger. Vezbi decided that the best way to accomplish this is to go public. Vezbi believes in fostering growth among those who want to help others; which is why Project Seva was born: to help nonprofits make a bigger impact by using the public capital markets.

Vezbi’s Vision & Perspective

No Algorithms. The ‘all-mighty algorithm’ has been the controlling force of the Internet since its birth. Vezbi thinks there can be a better way of operating. By being a Super App, Vezbi does not require algorithms, tricks, and cajoling of users to stay on the app. Users will come back frequently and often throughout the day because of all that Vezbi offers.

No Anonymity. Vezbi thinks that there is a place for anonymity and that works for certain places. Vezbi’s belief is that a more cohesive and civil online community will be created if you know that you cannot hide behind some 1’s and 0’s.

No Data Selling. It is not in the Vezbi business model, you won’t find it anywhere. Vezbi wanted to become a Super App so it could remove itself from the data selling/buying world. Vezbi knows that privacy is important to users and to sell that data is a breach of trust.

As important as the Internet is, it is easy to forget that it is still in its infancy. Vezbi believes it is time for the Internet and the netizens to grow into a better, more civilized version of itself and Vezbi plans to lead that growth.

About Vezbi

Vezbi is a community-driven Super App designed to organize and consolidate all facets of life in one centralized application. All businesses, users and agencies are welcome to join Vezbi as long as they meet the technical requirements and rules set forth in the Terms of Service and related documents. Vezbi is available on both iOS & Android.

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