New York, New York - (NewMediaWire) - September 24, 2020 - Thermic Paint turns walls into infrared heaters!

The heart of a new heating system from Thermic Coating Systems Ltd. is the new "Thermic" heat generating paint, which can be applied to the wall as easily as conventional paint. This means that electricity heating can be installed not only by heating engineers, but also by painters or electricians.

What makes the Thermic Heat generating Paint so innovative is its composition. "Thermic paint is a water-based, solvent-free and particularly low-pollutant dispersion into which we have introduced various carbon modifications," explains Hans Schulte, Director of Thermic Coating Systems Ltd. The secret lies in the recipe. "It ensures that the Thermic Heat generating Paint can be processed particularly evenly and is so electrically conductive that a low voltage of 24 volts is sufficient to generate high outputs of up to 100 watts," says Schulte. This means that liquid infrared heating is an exception on the market, because the low voltage required for operation is selected in accordance with the toy safety directive. That makes them absolutely safe to touch.

Alternative for low-energy houses

"Almost any skilled tradesman can take over the commissioning of Thermic Heat generating Paint and thereby develop a further field of business," explains Schulte. The only requirement is a compact course on how to deal with wall paint. It is particularly exciting for builders who are planning a low-energy house: "In new buildings, the trend is towards intelligent heating solutions that flexibly cover the low energy requirement and adapt to the needs of the user," says Schulte. "This requires technology that provides heat at short notice - at the time and place where it is needed." A requirement that water-based systems, such as heat pumps, can only meet to a limited extent because they require a lead time of several hours to noticeably change the temperature in a room. Thermic Heat generating Paint on the other hand, only takes a few minutes and is therefore more Smart Home compatible.

Thermic Coating Systems Ltd., Revolutionizes the HVAC Industry with Thermic Heat generating Paint and people can test it themselves as it is available on enabling interested parties to engage and benefit from the demand for low energy houses themselves.

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