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ADA Compliance Course Helps Website Owners Avoid Lawsuits and Improve Accessibility

Arlington, TX - (NewMediaWire) - March 10, 2023 - An attorney who specializes in ADA compliance for websites has created a course that helps website owners prevent litigation through genuine accessibility.

Kris Rivenburgh, the course creator and author of The ADA Book, knows his course is the best answer.

“The ADA Compliance Course trains your team on how to find and fix the accessibility issues that plaintiffs’ lawyers are looking for,” Rivenburgh stated.

For more than six years, website accessibility litigation has been an ongoing problem affecting entities of all sizes - from small businesses to large corporations. Although the number of lawsuits has reached a plateau, there are no signs of a decrease in litigation.

Rivenburgh believes his training is the best option because it is the most aligned with plaintiffs’ claims and actual accessibility.

“There are two primary options in the market: overlay widgets that claim to instantly fix your website and website accessibility audits. Overlays don’t make your website accessible or stop lawsuits and manual audits, while they’re exactly what you need for full WCAG conformance, aren’t timely or strategic.

“Audits can mislead website owners into a false sense of security because they have taken action. But audits take 3-6 weeks for a provider to complete, and even after receiving the report, website owners must fix the issues found in the audit. And because remediation can take months, you must prioritize which issues you address.”

The ADA Compliance Course is an SOP or step-by-step instructions that website owners can give to their web team to start finding and fixing the 15 most commonly claimed accessibility issues immediately.

While not perfect, the course is highly effective at reducing risk of litigation because targeted action is taken.

Learn more about the ADA Compliance Course at

Kris Rivenburgh has researched and written about digital accessibility and ADA compliance for five years. Kris is an attorney and the author of The ADA Book. Kris is also the founder of

Kris's work has been cited by, (Minnesota), (Syracuse),, and Yahoo Small Business. Kris's guides have also been published in Bloomberg Law.

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