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eWorld Companies Announces Acquisition of 21 Moves Gaming Studios, a Los Angeles Based Gaming and Entertainment Company

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - January 17, 2024 - eWorld Companies, Inc. (OTC: EWRC) announced today that eWorld has acquired 21 Moves Gaming Studios, Inc., a gaming and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, CA. The acquisition was structured as a sale and purchase between the two companies, in which eWorld has received 100% of 21 Movies and its assets and 21 Moves has received a 70% ownership stake in eWorld Companies. Under the terms of the agreement, 21 Moves has become a wholly owned subsidiary of eWorld and will continue to operate as an independent entity with its current management team remaining in place. In conjunction with this acquisition, eWorld has also divested itself of its holdings in Angelini Trading Company and Bitcoin wine.

21 Moves is a hybrid multi-media platform gaming company dedicated to creating immersive and innovative gaming experiences that may also run parallel to future film titles and media releases. Current titles in development & production include “Last Seen”, “Live” & “Rosmond: Invisible Invasion”, all of which are single player horror/suspense video games. The company’s overall strategy is to allow in-house game titles the story adaptability for potential film, TV or alternate media format release, with the ultimate goal of becoming a major contributor to the future of passive and interactive entertainment. The company plans to achieve this by extending the boundaries of gaming through a fusion of creativity, technology, and player-enhanced engagement by offering varied IP releases that range across multiple platform and media types.

21 Moves is positioning itself for rapid expansion by offering a unique portfolio of game releases that reach across various platforms, including hybridized IP & Game titles that are specific to PC, Mobile, VR or AR interface experiences. Titles are being developed to include single and multiplayer versions, depending on each respective game’s story and supporting media format. The company’s commitment extends to delivering diverse and accessible gaming options with story/interactive potential that caters to the preferences and interests of a global audience. Games/titles will be available for purchase and download through online industry and recognized Gaming & App stores.

The gaming industry is now a global economic powerhouse with a current estimated worth of $214 billion and a projected year-on-year growth of 7.9% through 2027. The mobile gaming sector alone accounts for a significant portion of this revenue, reflecting the widespread accessibility of games through smartphones and tablets. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide (and growing), the industry's expansive reach showcases its pervasive influence on a diverse audience. The industry also continues to expand into new markets, such as the e-sports sector, which recently emerged as a key player by reaching a valuation at approximately $1.45 billion in 2022 and attracting massive new viewership and sponsorship opportunities.

Mirek Gorny, CEO of eWorld Companies, Inc., stated, “This acquisition marks a major milestone in the company’s history. After many months of market research and strategic planning, the company’s leadership team has decided to refocus its efforts in a new direction that we believe will be more advantageous for the company’s growth and in the best interest of our shareholders. The gaming and entertainment sectors are enormous and fast-growing and also ripe for fresh ideas and products, and we intend to hit the ground running with additional new announcements over the coming days and weeks, including the imminent release of our first new game.”

Marvin Williams, CEO of 21 Moves Gaming Studios, added, “As a person who has been gaming since the early days of the home Atari and Nintendo systems, has spent countless hours in gaming arcades, and has both witnessed and personally experienced the industry evolve with new technological advancements in PC tech, mobile, VR and AR infrastructure, and more, I could not be more excited. As an Entertainment Executive with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry, and an overall media aficionado with a huge appreciation of the wide range of Gaming, Film, TV Entertainment industry, I believe that with the combined resources that eWorld and 21 Moves Gaming Studios bring to the table, our company’s potential for developing titles and significantly impacting this industry is virtually unlimited. We’re excited, our sleeves are already rolled up, and you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from us in the very near future.”

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