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EWRC's Subsidiary 21 Moves Gaming Studios, Inc. Announces Release of Its First Open World Suspense Solo Player Game "Last Seen: Last Night" and Its Inaugural Shared IP Collaboration With Big M Entertainment Pictures

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - June 05, 2024 - eWorld Companies, Inc. (OTC: EWRC) announced today that its wholly owned operating subsidiary, 21 Moves Gaming Studios, has set the release schedule for its first Solo Player Open World Thriller Game “Last Seen: Last Night” with a target release date of June 25, 2024. “Last Seen: Last Night” is a first-person thriller/suspense survival game that will be targeted for initial release on PC, and talks are underway for the development of a companion film to be released at a later date through Big M Entertainment Pictures. The game is intended to be released on the Epic Games Store which is home to over 260 Million Gamers worldwide spanning over 180 countries.

21 Moves Gaming Studios will also collaborate with Big M Entertainment Pictures, a subsidiary of HQ Global Education, Inc. (OTC: HQGE), to create the inaugural shared IP Open World game based on Big M’s feature-length documentary “Trees – A Planetary Treasure.” That game is currently in development and will be released at a later date yet to be announced.

“Trees” was produced by Big M Entertainment in association with United Cinematograf, written and directed by Marvin Williams, and has been released. The film, narrated by Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”, “The Dark Knight’, “Inherent Vice”, “The Expendables”) also features original music by Hosam Ibrahim (“The Passion of the Christ”, “You Don't Mess with the Zohan”, “Hospice 2020”, “Surveillance- Awakening”). The film is currently viewable on Mr. Williams is the chief artistic force at both 21 Moves Gaming Studios and Big M Entertainment Pictures and will personally spearhead the project in conjunction with the creative talent of both teams.” “Trees – A Planetary Treasure” is currently available for viewing at

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Marvin Williams’ IMDB credits can be found at

21 Moves President Marvin Williams stated, “We are very excited about announcing a target release for “Last Seen: Last Night”, with our initial Shared IP collaboration through Big M and we expect this collaboration type to be the first of many in a foreseeable future for both companies. We have a number of additional games and concepts in the works with release targets set for later this summer between Big M and 21 Moves while both companies remain focused on their primary objectives respectively games by 21 Moves and Film and TV production through Big M – it is also our intention for 21 Moves Gaming to develop games based on films and TV series developed by Big M Entertainment, and for Big M Entertainment to develop film and TV content based on games developed by 21 Moves Gaming. We believe there will continue to be a large and growing market for these types of shared IP productions, and it is our intent to magnify our reach in within the space. We are currently in discussions about additional titles and projects to be mutually developed, and we will release more details as they become available.


eWorld Companies, Inc. is the parent company of 21 Moves Gaming Studios, 21 Moves is a hybrid multi-media platform gaming company dedicated to creating immersive and innovative gaming experiences that may also run parallel to future film titles and media releases. Current titles in development & production include “Trees”, “Last Seen: Last Night”, “Live” & “Rosmond: Invisible Invasion”, all of which are single player horror/suspense video games. The company’s overall strategy is to allow in-house game titles the story adaptability for potential film, TV or alternate media format release, with the ultimate goal of becoming a major contributor to the future of passive and interactive entertainment.

21 Moves is positioning itself for rapid expansion by offering a unique portfolio of game releases that reach across various platforms, including hybridized IP & Game titles that are specific to PC, Mobile, VR or AR interface experiences. Titles are being developed to include single and multiplayer versions, depending on each respective game’s story and supporting media format. The company’s commitment extends to delivering diverse and accessible gaming options with story/interactive potential that caters to the preferences and interests of a global audience. Games/titles will be available for purchase and download through online industry and recognized Gaming & App stores.

The gaming industry is a global economic powerhouse with a current estimated worth of $214 billion and a projected year-on-year growth of 7.9% through 2027. The mobile gaming sector alone accounts for a significant portion of this revenue, reflecting the widespread accessibility of games through smartphones and tablets. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide (and growing), the industry's expansive reach showcases its pervasive influence on a diverse audience. The industry also continues to expand into new markets, such as the e-sports sector, which recently emerged as a key player by reaching a valuation at approximately $1.45 billion in 2022 and attracting massive new viewership and sponsorship opportunities.

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