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Mapleased Helps Local Maple Syrup Farmers With Export Certificates, Wholesale Sales, and Online Marketing Solutions

Busan, South Korea - (NewMediaWire) - March 14, 2023 - Canadian maple syrup producers harvest around 68 million kilograms annually. Despite the huge production index, the raw material’s shelf life has been a major problem for farmers. Mapleased is setting a sustainability trend by bridging the gap between maple sap producers in Ontario and demand in South Korea.

Mapleased’s goal is to ensure that Ontario maple farmers do not suffer waste. The company is focused on keeping small farmers sustainable and in business by connecting their products with the right audience, thereby ensuring continued production and customer satisfaction at both ends.

“At Mapleased, we are dedicated to helping small maple syrup farmers grow and prosper. Our services are designed to help these farmers expand their businesses and reach new markets, so that they can increase their revenues and achieve sustainable growth. One of the key ways we do this is by helping farmers obtain export certification. This allows them to sell their products overseas.”

With extensive experience in obtaining export certificates, Mapleased can guide farmers through the complex process. In addition, the company also specializes in helping small farmers with online marketing solutions. The Mapleased marketing team helps farmers create a strong online presence and develop marketing strategies that promote their products to a global audience. Using an extensive knowledge of e-commerce, social media marketing, and digital advertising, they have been able to help local farmers scale their reach to new customers. Maple syrup farmers in Ontario can also leverage the company’s B2B and wholesale sales expertise to connect with Asian countries, particularly Korea, for export relationships.

Mapleased recognizes the importance of small maple syrup farmers in Ontario and their role in sustaining the local community and the maple syrup industry as a whole. Without these small farmers, Ontario's maple syrup industry would not be able to sustain itself. By creating a sustainable solution that supports small farmers, Mapleased is not only helping to ensure the availability of high-quality maple syrup but also contributing to the well-being of the local community. The company's focus on connecting these small farmers with the right demand-driven markets further demonstrates its commitment to promoting the importance of local communities and small farmers. By supporting the sustainability of small maple syrup farmers, Mapleased is helping to preserve Ontario's unique agricultural heritage for future generations.

As a response to the growing demand for extending the shelf life of maple sap, Mapleased has set a goal to conduct research in this area. This objective has been fueled by the increasing interest in Korean people who have consumed maple sap but have no idea how to extend its shelf life. As an active seeker of a method, Mapleased aims to obtain a patent by exploring key areas in the supply chain that can help extend the raw material's shelf life. These areas include the harvesting method, collection and storage approach, processing method, and transportation mediums. By leveraging these areas, Mapleased aims to ensure that the product can be enjoyed for extended periods, even up to several months or years.

Describing the effect of extending the maple sap’s shelf life, the company’s spokesperson noted that it will significantly change how farmers and consumers handle it. For farmers, they no longer have to worry about low sales that could affect their income on production. Consumers, on the other hand, won’t have to worry about spoilage and less value for their money.

Revealing additional plans and actions at Mapleased, the company’s spokesperson noted that they are working on various flavors to make the maple syrup more appealing to a wider audience. 

As a community-focused business with a huge passion for giving back, Mapleased has also implemented a donation scheme that gives a percentage of all revenue to the Ontario Maple Syrup Producer Association (OMSPA). The contribution to the association is geared towards further improving the sustainability of small maple syrup producers in the Ontario region.

As part of its community involvement, Mapleased is also focusing on helping maple syrup farmers enjoy higher revenues by devising ways to sustainably approach maple syrup exportation to Korea. This breakthrough is expected to widen farmers’ profit margins, raise awareness for the product, and meet the increasing demand for maple syrup overseas.

Mapleased remains committed to driving all things Maple syrup and its sustainability to the next level. More information about Mapleased and its products is available on the company website.

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