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CEDAR PARK, TX - (NewMediaWire) - March 21, 2023 - is a new online portal committed to providing valuable information that drives effective civic engagement among Americans. The portal aims to be the go-to source for up-to-date information on civic activities like voting and local government engagement. It offers carefully curated information that has been actively researched, fact-checked, and geared toward delivering an unbiased perspective on political topics. is actively focused on building awareness at all levels and types of government that represent each U.S. citizen.  The website is also on a mission to raise participation in political and electoral-related matters, ensuring that every citizen is informed about not only every elected official representing them, but also those seeking to represent them as well..

By driving participation through information, aims to also improve political choices, ensuring that citizens make the right choices based on their needs and goals. Mark Wenger, founder of, states that, “The site will keep visitors up-to-date on communication from every government that represents them. Visitors will also be able to track communication from every government official as well as stay updated on every upcoming election so they can participate fully.”

Having grown up in Midwest suburban Detroit and raised by parents who daily emphasized the core principles of faith, education, and public service, Mark Wenger notes that it has been his dream to contribute to society by providing a repository of accurate, well-researched, and unbiased political information for visitors who don’t have time to research and learn about the different working parts within the government on their own.

He added that the site will be focusing on “the bottom 80% of the ballot”, that is, the positions that most people are often surprised to see on their ballots during each election year given the lack of in-depth information available on the purpose of such positions and how they affect the society. “ will be covering everything, including the judicial positions, the special districts, the school board positions, etc.,” he added.

Speaking to the online portal’s growth and trajectory, Wenger states: “ is new, but we’re growing fast. With that said, we do want to note the innovation and hard work of so many talented Americans, American companies, and American non-profits that have already built so many tools in the civic technology space.  One of our primary goals is to also be a contributing participant to this overall industry.” is committed to utilizing modern online product development methods and processes like design-driven innovation to ensure that the citizen experience is always considered in every process implemented. The portal also aims to build communities that monitor the accuracy of articles, fact-check information, and publish accurate data to guide civic research at any level.

Americans interested in a non-partisan portal and political repository to research political news about the various political positions across all levels of government can start with the portal. The portal also allows users to narrow their search to specific locations of interest using the search menu. With this, researchers can sift through extensive resources faster in order to  find the information they need.

Visit the website to get started on a path to political awareness and ideological revolution. For more information, call (512) 850-7883. Inquiries can also be mailed to the head office at 1320 Arrow Point Drive, Ste 501, Cedar Park, Texas 78613 US.

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