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QC Kinetix (Academy) Sports Medicine Offers Quick and Safe Injury Treatment Alternatives to Tucson Athletes

TUSCON, AZ - (NewMediaWire) - October 10, 2022 - via QC Kinetix -- QC Kinetix (Academy) is a medical clinic associated with the QC Kinetix franchise, which offers regenerative medicine treatments. This franchise has opened over 100 locations in various towns and cities. One of the key areas the medical clinic specializes in is treating sports-related injuries. 

The medical facility uses regenerative medicine to treat pain. These therapies assist in the quick and safe recovery of injured athletes, allowing them to be active in their careers. It is ideal for athletes involved in various sports, such as American Football, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, golf, and more. The cost-effective treatment is gaining popularity among athletes throughout the country. One of the most renowned professional football players, Emmitt Smith, has partnered with the QC Kinetix franchise as its brand ambassador. After his successful career, the NFL's all-time leading rusher still uses natural treatment to care for his body and joints. He further applauds how the franchise has made it easier for professionals and armatures to access these treatments.

QC Kinetix (Academy) extensively assesses the patient's injury during the consultation. This assists the medical providers in matching the patient's needs with a personalized treatment plan. The medical provider accelerates the healing and repair of body cartilages and tissues, improving the athlete's quality of life by reducing their pain. Regenerative medicine achieves this by assimilating the body's natural healing ability. 

In addition, QC Kinetix (Academy) treatment strengthens body tissues. This treatment makes the athlete less likely to experience further body injuries. Natural therapies are also ideal for relieving pain from current injuries, which, when left unattended, may lead to pain in other body parts. On top of these treatments, a patient may include other traditional therapies, such as physical therapy, body rest, and bracing.

The medical providers at the clinic address various injuries and pain, including golfer's elbow, which golfers and other athletes commonly experience. Constant movement along the field or track, poor posture, and overexertion lead to one experiencing low back injuries. This is why the clinic offers Tucson back pain treatment for pain relief. They also cater to shoulder and knee pain due to heavy lifting and other demanding sports that would otherwise lead to unwanted surgeries and replacements.

QC Kinetix (Academy) therapies also treat and offer pain relief from torn ACL and meniscus injuries, which affect tendons and ligaments. They also offer treatment and pain relief from wrist pain, finger or toe pain, ankle pain, foot or hand pain, torn rotator cuff, and more. Regenerative medicine offers pain relief from sports-related injuries and is associated with less recovery time and fewer side effects. For this reason, the treatment is an alternative to addictive medications and surgeries.

Another way natural therapies can be used, apart from treating pain caused by sports injuries, is to treat injuries from work-related accidents. By offering these therapies, the medical providers ease the challenges of workers completing daily tasks due to unexpected work injuries. Regenerative medicine is also ideal for patients experiencing symptoms like cramping and discomfort, swelling and stiffness, redness and warmth, and noisy joints. 

Moreover, QC Kinetix (Academy) treats chronic-related pain, such as joint pain due to arthritis, which covers the knees, shoulder, hip, and foot. Patients can enjoy an increase in their motion range with less pain and get back to a more active way of life.

"We are aware of the distress and difficulties that come with sports injuries, which is why we strive to give you the best possible care. From treatment plans to equipment, we are here to assist you in getting back on your feet as soon as possible. Visit our clinic to get the help you need." QC Kinetix (Academy) representative noted.

Schedule a consultation by contacting the team at QC Kinetix (Academy) via phone at (520) 497-4955. Their office is located at 310 N Wilmot Rd Suite 101, Tucson, AZ, 85711, US.  Visit the medical center's website to learn more about regenerative medicine treatment.

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Company Name: QC Kinetix (Academy)

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Phone: (520) 497-4955

Address: 310 N Wilmot Rd Suite 101

City: Tucson

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