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Seattle Injury Law, PLLC Helps Client Win $10 Million Settlement

Seattle, WA - (NewMediaWire) - September 2, 2022 - One of Seattle's leading personal injury law firms, Seattle Injury Law PLLC, has recently won a personal injury case for its client. The law firm, announcing the $10 million settlement, noted that it remains committed to representing accident victims in and around Seattle, WA.

Speaking on the Traumatic Brain Injury accident settled for $10 million by Seattle Injury Law PLLC, Rob Sears, one of the lead injury lawyers at the firm, noted that their client was a pedestrian hit by a tour bus, leaving him incapacitated and with serious injuries. The accident victim, in his 40s, suffered hugely from the accident as his adopted niece and nephew, whom he cared for, were forced into foster care due to his injuries and inability to care for them. The injuries sustained by the victim also required him to be in a permanent care facility.

"Our client was a pedestrian in Seattle, walking through a crosswalk when he was run over by a tour bus whose driver never even saw him. Our client was left without help from the insurance company beyond the 3-year statute and was offered $0. He was turned down by several other prominent law firms who weren't up to the task of fighting for justice."

Further describing the case, Rob Sears of Seattle Injury Law, PLLC said: "Because our client suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), we were able to have his records examined by an expert doctor and overcome the insurance and defense lawyers' motion for summary judgment, essentially resetting the 3-year statute to the date he recovered from his brain injury."

Prior to the case's outcome, the law firm's client had been staying in a state-funded nursing home for those badly injured and/or dying. The law firm and its entire team is happy to have secured this victory for its client, effectively affording the accident victim a chance to move out of the care facility and secure better care for himself and his family.

Proud to be the Personal Injury Law Firm wins $10 million case for TBI victim, the team at Seattle Injury Law, PLLC has reiterated its commitment to helping injury victims in all cases, irrespective of how complex they may appear. Personal injury victims interested in getting legal help can schedule a consultation meeting with the top attorneys to go over their case and develop the right strategies for legal representation.

Rob Sears, applauding the legal efforts of the Seattle Injury Law, PLLC team, said: "I am so proud of our team, including my best friend and leader of our Seattle office, Casey Asplund, for listening to our phenomenal and deserving client after he was turned down by several other prominent law firms on this difficult case. Together, we were able to bring justice to a man who was run over and dragged down the road after innocently walking across a crosswalk, suffering catastrophic injuries and who was then trapped inside a nursing home, unable to have his needs tended to or a choice in what his long days looked like inside."

Applauding the collective effort of the legal team, the law firm's spokesperson noted that they are open to taking on new cases. The law firm guarantees that clients will have access to the right legal team for their cases while paying nothing upfront until their case is won.

The Seattle Injury Law, PLLC team remains committed to representing clients in all cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death cases, and more. Victims of dog bite injuries or traumatic brain injury can also contact the law firm for legal representation.

Seattle Injury Law, PLLC will continue to push for a positive outcome on all cases handled. Accident victims can contact the Seattle lawyers via phone at 800-928-5486 or via their website. For more information, visit 1800 Westlake Ave N Suite 101, Seattle, WA, 98109, US.

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