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Virtuous Circle Counselling in Calgary Introduces Psychological Assessment Services to Evaluate Individuals Learning, Thinking and Behaviors

Calgary, AB - (NewMediaWire) - March 15, 2023 - Psychological Assessments, also known as testing or evaluation, are necessary for many people as they provide valuable insight into how they behave, feel, or think. Professionals in psychology can use information from an assessment to identify and diagnose mental health issues before developing a custom treatment plan that addresses a patient’s needs and helps them progress toward a fulfilling life. Insights into patients’ preferences, strengths, and weaknesses empower them to change their daily activities or lifestyle choices to improve their quality of life. At Virtuous Circle Counselling, a team of psychologists and therapists offer comprehensive evaluations to highlight cognition problems like attention deficits, learning disorders, mood disorders, and more. 

Patients find psychological assessments helpful as they provide much-needed awareness of what they’re going through, helping them understand their condition. They occur differently, depending on the information needed, its purpose, or a patient’s situation. Some prefer complete self-administered online surveys or questionnaires, while others meet with a psychologist face-to-face for an interview. Alongside these methods, patients may complete an experiment or psychological test to determine their intelligence or memory capacity. 

As qualified professionals administer the tests, they ask patients questions about their lives and past experiences to understand what’s influencing their current symptoms/behaviour. While some assessments involve many sessions over several weeks, the average time is 2-8 hours. Whether a patient is a child, teenager, or adult, a psychological assessment establishes the presence of brain damage due to stroke/head injury while evaluating language skills like vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar. They may also assess how well a patient performs on various measures of logical reasoning and identify specific learning disabilities affecting performance in school. 

Virtuous Circle Counselling offers a broad range of psychological assessments and provides extensive reports for giftedness, disability benefits, school accommodations and other matters. The team uses standardised tests recognised by the medical community for adults or parents suspecting that they or their children may have ADHD or a learning disorder. Parents with gifted children can also seek psychologists to administer a gifted assessment to qualify for special services at school or others areas of life where they’ll benefit from extra support due to their higher intelligence level. 

Besides gifted and ADHD Assessments, the team identifies learning/cognitive disabilities affecting a child’s ability to learn at school or elsewhere. The psychoeducational assessments include standardised testing and interviews with parents and teachers to pinpoint issues that need attention before the child can achieve their full potential emotionally, socially, or academically. During mental health assessments, psychologists talk to patients struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. While it's popular among diagnosed individuals, patients concerned about their mental health but don’t believe they meet the criteria for a diagnosis may benefit.

Psychological assessments at Virtuous Circle Counselling are accessible through online booking to take the guesswork out of testing and make the process as seamless as possible. Additionally, a registered psychologist evaluates a condition and makes sense of potential symptoms in ways patients can understand so they can make informed decisions based on what they have learned from their assessment. 

Services at Virtuous Circle Counselling help people feeling overwhelmed or desiring direction to regain control. Understanding that life is scary, stressful, and confusing regardless of the many opportunities people have, the team helps patients move toward their visions and goals in relationships, careers, education, growth, and development. Together with patients, they work towards creating an environment where they can learn to gain a sense of balance and stability while finding meaning when facing life’s challenges. Alongside psychological assessments, they offer therapy for anger, trauma, and PTSD. Patients who need counselling for divorce, grief, phobias, OCD, ADHD, and eating disorders can also contact the clinic.

The Virtuous Circle Counselling approach involves honest, supportive, and authentic conversations with caring and compassionate professionals as they equip patients on their journey to self-awareness and optimal health levels. Visit their website to learn more about psychological assessments, or call (587) 782-4277 to book an appointment. They are at 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Suite 300, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3, CA. 

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